Premier non-custodial staking solutions for crypto-asset investors

We provide ease, security, and personalized blockchain solutions.

Thunderstake empowers and assists token holders to earn rewards on the POKT network

For Institutional Funds

Thunderstake offers institutional grade solutions for the discerning investor – including account dashboards, reporting, audits and automated token sweeps.

Exchanges & Custodians

Leverage our infrastructure and skills to offer an excellent white-label solution to your clients

Crypto Advocates

While we accomodate the institutional, we all have connections to the degens of the world. Look no further, we are one.

Our Clients

Trusted Partner of Choice for POKT Staking

Blockchain and request monitoring

Real Time Performance Metrics

Automated Sweeps and Deployment


Trust, service, performance. Thunderstake: everything you need to stake in one place.


We've carefully built an automated system to manage and deploy our infrastructure at scale across the globe. Our nodes are globally distributed across many datacenters. Optimized infra is the Thunder way.

Optimal Rewards

We always monitor for new upcoming chains and popular regions among other factors in order to maximize rewards.


We are currently implementing coincover solutions for loss prevention

Data Analytics

The Thunderhead team built PoktWatch. We have an intricate internal solution we use to monitor errors, latency, rewards, and location of all nodes across the whole network. We love analytics.


Designed for fund admins and accountants, we can create reports over any time frame for any use case. Need a custom report or metric? We are one request away.


If you need support, you can contact our team 7-days a week via email, discord, telegram and depending on the weather, smoke signals.


We lead the market in innovation and price efficiency

Small Fee and Rev Share


$15.00 + 25% Reward share

This is plan is a combination of flat rate and revenue share

Revenue Share


45% reward share

This plan is a % of the POKT production, so guaranteed profit for you!


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